Home on Earth

I live in a medium sized apartment, or flat, and I’m currently in the process of decorating it. This is no easy task, I have discovered.  There is so much choice out there.  Where do I start?  The walls of my lounge, or living room if you prefer, which I don’t-  I live in all of the rooms, not just one of them.  The name ‘Living Room’ makes me think that there must also be Dead Rooms.  Do you have these?  I hope not.  They sound horrible.

Anyway, my decorating.  Paint – that’s what I’m looking at.  But I like lots of different colours – which one should I choose?  And how am I supposed to know if I like the colour based on a tiny little square that they have in the booklets and on the pots?

I’ve bought some of those tester pots but that hasn’t helped.  All it’s done has made me more confused and now I have large squares of red and purple paint all over my wall. What do I do with those?  Do I sand off the paint?  Paint over it with white? Will I still see the squares underneath?

When I first started to get into the art of decorating your home, it was fun, there was so much possibility, so may ways to personalise the space.  But now I hate it.  All I can think about is paint.  Green paint, blue paint, orange paint.  I’m sick of thinking about paint but until I pick a colour the walls seem to be looking at me and whispering “paint me.”  Is this normal?  Do humans go through this too?

Why am I obsessing over something as trivial as a pigmented fluid smeared over a vertical surface?

I bet this is why on my planet we just keep everything its natural colour.


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