People inside are not people outside

Humans are strange.  You’re all different; you look different to one another, you have different hobbies, different like and dislikes, different opinions, thoughts and views.  And yet, you all have this shell that you go outside with and wear when interacting with strangers.  Actually, not all of you do.  Some of you don’t wear a shell at all, and I get excited when I see this because shells are not something we wear on my planet.

To explain what I call shells:  they are the encasings that a lot of humans wear in public, in order to make themselves seem ‘normal’.   To conform to a standard of what a human being is like when interacting with another human that they do not know.

I see this is supermarkets and in offices.  Casual greetings or formal handshakes, talks about the current weather system overhead, or what the external temperature is going to be for the rest of the week.  No signs of personalisation, more like automatons preset with appropriate talking points and responses.

The other day, I was returning some items to a store.  Yet again, the amount of choice of things available for purchase in human establishments for object procuration had got the better of me and I had more items than I could carry from the car in one trip.  I said as much to the young woman behind the counter, telling her how I’d have to leave the things there for a moment while I returned swiftly to the car to collect the other items.  I told of my indecision when buying the items and made a joke about needing to buy the whole shop.

Well, my lively conversation seem to startle the poor thing, producing no facial expression that I could deduce as acknowledgement, before she settled into the automated response of issuing the refunds.
Now, not all humans are like this, but I have noticed that there is a large amount that are.  They don’t like to come out of their shell.  Do they feel safer inside it?  Protected?
I know one thing, and that is, as a non shell person, the shell people make you feel like you are being far too open and flamboyant, far too wacky and kooky.  At least, that’s how they make me feel.  They also confuse me because I question “is this what a human should be like?  Am I acting wrong?”
I know the answer is no, because I have seen humans with no shells, or thinner shells on, so I know that it is not me, it’s just a widespread social convention.

I’m very glad about that, because I really wouldn’t want to wear a shell.  But really, it makes me a bit sad that these shells exist.  I want to see what’s under them; that’s where the real interest lies.  That’s where the true person exists.  And by wearing these shells, the shell people make others retreat into theirs, or feel like the should be wearing one.

But no – don’t you put on that plain, boring, unoriginal shell.  Be free.  Be yourself.  That’s the most amazing thing you can be.


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