Seasons of wonder

Seasons are a nice thing, aren’t they?  You can pick a favourite, and have one you grumble about.

Spring is a good one.  It’s Spring where I live right now.  In the space of just a few weeks it’s gone from still looking and feeling like Winter, to hearing lots more birds, seeing the first buds coming on trees, and there are lots of daffodils and crocuses about, (or should that be croci?  this spell checker is putting a wiggly red line under croci, so I think it likes crocuses better.)

The last few days have been warm.  I’m not used to hot weather.  Where I lived on my planet, it was usually cold, so I’m used to wearing layers and insulated garments.  Still, today was nice; warm but still cool.

I saw several pink blossom trees in full bloom.  They are so beautiful.  It’s a shame they don’t last long.  Some of the most beautiful things on this planet are with us for only a short time.  That’s why it’s important to appreciate them while they are there.
I would have taken a static image, a photograph, you call them, but I did not have a device with me capable of taking one.  I find digital representations of nature can never do justice to their real world counterparts anyway.  The beauty must be captured with the eye and held in the memory of its observer.

I saw lots of bumblebees.  I find them jolly little insects; large, round and tubby little things, buzzing around, getting on with their own business.
One of them decided to go down a drain on the street.  I don’t know why – maybe it thought there was a subterranean flower garden down there.  I watched it disappear into the dark and I lost sight of it as it flew lower and into some wet, brown leaves.  I was worried that it had come to harm, but a moment later it flew back out – skillfully positioning itself between the bars of the drain grid, and ascending back into the sunshine.

I saw a butterfly the other day; a red admiral, I believe it has been named.  Butterflies are beautiful too: delicate and quiet.

While I’m not looking forward to the hotter weather on it’s way, now that Spring is here, I do like the colour and life that returns to the planet (Northern hemisphere).  Each day shows us something new that has emerged; a flower that had popped up overnight; a pigeon that has begun to make its nest; a warmness to that previously chilly breeze.

Isn’t nature amazing?  I hope all humans appreciate and are in awe of it, as if they too are an alien savouring the wonders of a world they had only just begun to explore.


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