You can be free with a dog

Today I was fortunate enough to be looking after a friend’s canine.
I’m a big fan of animals; they’re a lot less complicated than humans, and a lot easier to understand, if you ask me.

When I’m normally out for a walk on my own, I follow normal human behaviour for that activity.  I stroll, I look about, I might touch a branch or look at the scenery in the distance.  All very normal.
The things that I would like to add to my walk, that is normal on my home planet, is to put my arms in the air and wave them about in the warm Spring air.  Squat down beside a tree and have a good ol’ look at its lines and textures.  Run wildly for several metres, then stop and resume walking at a normal pace.  Move my head along prickly branches that rest just above my head height, so they tickle my head- that sort of thing.

Now of course, there’s no official rule or law that forbids doing any of these things.  But I’ve learnt from experience, and from human friends, that these are more of those things that look weird.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking weird though.  If I see someone doing something ‘weird’, it makes me smile.  It makes me happy that there are others like me – hey, maybe they’re aliens too, or maybe they are just carefree humans.

Anyway, what about the dog mentioned at the start?  Yes, well, I was walking the dog, and I was saying things to him.  I was squatting down and showing him twigs; I was doing the formally mentioned ‘wild run’ and he was running beside me.  I was going between bushes and walking backwards, and generally having a jolly old time.

What I noticed was that nobody stared.  Nobody seemed to bother that there was a person doing things that, when I’d previously done similar things on my own, they’d considered strange or had surprised or puzzled them.  And this was all thanks to the dog.

Now, I’d imagine you could be even more free from judgement if you were with a small child.  I bet you could do all sorts of madcap things with a little human in tow, and not have strangers giving you peculiar looks.

So, I’ll end on another question:  why don’t humans judge or bother about certain things when you are with an animal or child, but they do when you are alone?  What’s really the difference?
If something is fun to do with a creature or infant, then surely it will probably be fun to do alone too?


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