How foolish!

It’s the first of April today and everywhere, people are engaging in these April Fools.

When I first learnt of a day where it is customary for humans to play pranks and jokes on one another, I thought, “What fun!”
A day solely for socially acceptable madcap shenanigans, some simple and some intricate and well planned out.

But what is it all in aid of?  Well, I turned to the wonderful digital cornucopia of information that this planet has, and I Googled it.
I read all sorts of information, from Romans to literary figures, such as Chaucer, but I didn’t read of any concrete origin for April Fools.

And so, I conclude that it is one of those days simply for mass whimsy; a day where everyone can be silly and have a laugh, without judgement or question.
To this, I applaud.

With all the depressing news out there: serious political issues, wars, tragedies and worries, it is a veritable breath of fresh air that people embrace this day so openly.

It has no cause, no purpose, no ulterior motive.  It’s just fun.  And fun is something that humans, as a species, should engage in as much as they can (providing it hurts no one else).  And mass merriment?  Well, that’s even better!


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