Spectrum of wonder


An amazing beauty,
An awe inspiring sight,
Droplets of rain,
Combine with the light,

Refraction and reflection,
Reveal hidden colour,
A spectrum of wavelengths,
A view like no other,

Like many a beauty,
Its life is too short,
All the more precious,
A gift to be caught,

So bright and vibrant,
A beacon on grey,
A sky-arc of nature,
To brighten your day.


photo challenge: Surprise

Photo & Poem by:  Anxious Alien

I took this photo yesterday.  The primary rainbow only lasted 5 minutes, and the secondary one only two minutes, so I was honoured to be able to take a picture of this polychromatic phenomenon.

(I’d also never noticed that the secondary rainbow has its colours in the reverse order to the primary too.  Cool!)


10 thoughts on “Spectrum of wonder

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  1. Always nice when nature arrives just in time for a smile. I don’t think I would have noticed the reverse colors; I just love rainbows. Great capture from you and a grand “surprise” for you. Have a good weekend.

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