About Anxious Alien

Hello there, Earthlings.

Blogging, that’s a funny word isn’t it, I thought I’d try it out.

A bit about me, I suppose.  My name is Alex, and as the title suggests, I am an anxious alien.  I won’t go into details about my home planet, that’s all a bit too out-there, but I’ve been living here, on Earth, for just over a year now.

To say it’s been different would be an understatement, but I’m fitting in ok.  I have lots of resources to tell what is the norm for humans: behaviour and all that, and so far I reckon I’m blending in really well.  I mean, no one has called me out or pointed at me and shouted “ALIEN!” so I think I’m doing great.

I’m writing on this blog about my perspectives of Earth, from an alien’s eye view.  There are lots of things going on on this green and blue planet, sometimes it feels quite overwhelming.

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling now so I’ll finish here, I think.



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