Spectrum of wonder


An amazing beauty,
An awe inspiring sight,
Droplets of rain,
Combine with the light,

Refraction and reflection,
Reveal hidden colour,
A spectrum of wavelengths,
A view like no other,

Like many a beauty,
Its life is too short,
All the more precious,
A gift to be caught,

So bright and vibrant,
A beacon on grey,
A sky-arc of nature,
To brighten your day.


photo challenge: Surprise

Photo & Poem by:  Anxious Alien

I took this photo yesterday.  The primary rainbow only lasted 5 minutes, and the secondary one only two minutes, so I was honoured to be able to take a picture of this polychromatic phenomenon.

(I’d also never noticed that the secondary rainbow has its colours in the reverse order to the primary too.  Cool!)



Young – it was just what I was,
Youth – I knew nothing else,
So much time for all things, a future unknown,
People wiser than I was myself,

Years – now where did they go,
Time – how fast did it fly,
Now less time for all things, a future unknown,
How did so much of life pass me by,

Fear – is time running out,
Lost – don’t know where to go,
Will I ever find life, of my own in the world,
My existence on Earth, will it show,

Age – much more than a number,
Looks – the signs of years lost,
Is it all left too late, will I be left with nothing,
My limbo, how much has it cost.



In a perfect world we could trust everyone,
Of others have no fear,
Live without the need for keys,
Protecting what is dear,

Alas, we do not live there,
Of others we must fear,
Lock your doors and windows,
From strangers that lurk near.


Photo Challenge:  Security

Photo & Poem by:  Anxious Alien

A spec in the Universe

The moon
Why does it have no name?  No Roman or Greek deity with which to share its title

Does it feel alone?
Alone like I do when I stare up at its softness, its delicate light

I feel a sense of vastness when I pause to gaze at its phase
So close, yet so far

There is so much more out there
Only the moon, and the gentle flickering of the stars to remind us

Our daily tasks, Earthly woes and elations
There is so much on Earth, on such a small planet in the Milky Way

It’s easy to get lost, caught up in human endeavours
But there is so much more

Gases burning, spending their entire lives in a state of fusion
Lighting up their corner of the galaxy

Nebulae, black holes, planets spinning around their own solar mother
There is so much more

So when you look at the moon
Remember, you are not alone

All humans look up at that same moon
Upon its glowing face

Different races, different genders, different lives
Bound together by the shimmering light

As you go about your day, whether it be good or bad, remember:
There is so much more
And you are not alone.

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